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Compliance Manager

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Compliance Manager

~~This is responsible staff work involving maintaining regulatory compliance for public and assisted housing units.  Regulatory programs that are managed by DHA's Compliance Manager include, but are not limited to; Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Public Housing, Site-Based Section 8, and other tenant subsidy or project based programs. The Compliance Manager performs internal tenant file and quality control audits, conducts departmental compliance training and provides administrative support to the Property Management Department. In addition to ensuring that compliance of all programs is maintained, the Compliance Manager is responsible for taking and processing applications for admission into public and assisted housing units, assisting the Property Management Director (PMD) with designated assignments, in addition to other administrative duties as assigned.

~~1. Receives, processes, and maintains initial housing applications for Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Public Housing, and Site-Based Section 8 programs.
2. Determines initial eligibility and ensures continued eligibility is maintained for assisted housing programs.
3. Assists PMD with assessing, enhancing and/or improving operations of the Property Management Department.
4. Performs detailed internal audits of tenant files and notifies PMD of file deficiencies for staff correction within an allotted time frame.
5. Reviews, prepares, and makes necessary updates, revisions and/or amendments to policies (ACOP, Admin Plan, etc.) and departmental procedures, as needed and as required pursuant to necessary regulatory program requirements.
6. Creates, updates, and revises forms and documents, as needed.
7. Updates flat rent, maximum rent, and income limit schedules for all assisted programs, as updated and/or required by HUD annually.
8. Prepares and submits monthly compliance activity reports to PMD.
9. Drafts and prepares notification letters to residents, regarding updates/changes in policies, as required.
10. Processes tenant refund requests and finalizes move-out files for all sites.

The Decatur Housing Authority was established in 1938 with its primary focus being on building housing for low income households. Over the years, the Housing Authority has expanded its focus to include the revitalization of the Decatur community as a whole through the renewal and redevelopment of substandard housing, as well as improving facilities in the downtown area. The Authority is now expanding its efforts to revitalize & redevelop into the newly designated Columbia Park area of East Decatur.

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